Awards for Season 1

(1st October 2017 – 20th January 2018):

After reviewing submissions, we will select cars that delight us. The designers whose cars are chosen will receive

1. US$ 100 cash award for each car design selected. A designer can win multiple awards for multiple entries. The list of chosen cars will be periodically uploaded on this site.

2. Some of the car designs selected will be added to our top mobile games. The cars featured in these games will mention the name of the designer and a link to their profile.

3. The mobile games will have a leaderboard of ‘top cars’ that our players have driven. This leaderboard will be available publicly to view.

4. At the end of each Season, designers whose cars have featured in the Top 25 ranks on our leaderboards will be awarded an additional cash award of US$ 200. They will also receive a certificate of merit and acknowledgement of being in the Top 25 Global leaderboard.

This challenge is governed by the Terms & Conditions mentioned here.