Frequently asked Questions.


Who is this competition for? 
The competition is open for everyone (Car Enthusiasts, Automotive Designers, Design Students, Faculty) who like to design cars! You either have to be above 18 years of age OR have a parent/guardian to accept the terms and conditions for the challenge.

Is there a specific type of car to be designed?
Yes there is. For the current Season 1, please refer to the  “The Challenge” page that details the kind of Car we are looking for .

Can I submit multiple models?
Yes. You can submit as many entries as you wish. Please use a separate entry form for each new submission. 

Where will my/our car design be used?
Your designs will be used in our mobile games as cars models for game players to select and drive! We have multiple driving games that rank on the top charts regularly and your car could be in one of them!

What’s the benefit for me?
When we use your car, you get a cash stipend, credits and loads more! Check up the Awards Page that details what’s in store for you!

Who can I contact, in case of any doubts/queries?
Please write to us on