“Don’t just draw your car, drive your car.”

DesignCars2Win, sponsored by Games2win, is proud to announce its inaugural automotive design competition—Drive YOUR Game – Season 1!

Games2win is one of the world’s leading mobile game publishers and is keen to give enthusiastic Automotive Designers ‘the’ platform to express their creativity and innovation in vehicle design. At Games2Win, we want to build a tight knit and mutually beneficial relationship between our company and the international automotive design community. Check out our best car game “Driving Academy 2017’ on iTunes and Android Stores.

Our aim is to create vehicles which are both aesthetically appealing and a delight to drive in our upcoming mobile games.

Your passion for designing vehicles could be at any stage. Whether you are casually sketching away in a notebook or vigorously looking for a springboard to launch your design career, Games2Win presents you a chance to bring your idea to life in a virtual world! The ‘DesignCars2win’ challenge is a unique opportunity to incorporate your dream vehicle in an actual mobile game and receive cash awards and recognition. Our competition is open to all, yet specifically aimed at designers and creative entrepreneurs.

Design your Car – Season 1 :

Brief : The Big, the Bad and the Bold!

This season is dedicated to the big bad monster cars that make us go whoooooaaaa!

Picture this: A lifeless desert – dry, hot and barren. Nothing survives the merciless sun. A dead silence permeates the air. It is then that you hear the first whir of engine past the checkpoint and a wave of adrenaline courses through your veins. The second car is trailing by merely microseconds, followed by a bevy of revving machines. The rising sandstorm isn’t going to make this any easier. The dunes are plotting their own coups. The road ahead will exist, only when you see it. What’s the purpose, you ask? It’s to take a never-ending journey to the ends of the Earth.

So are you ready to tough it out and survive the extremes? Because when it’s over, you will have finally discovered yourself! If you could participate in such a race, what would your dream car be like? Bring out your pencils and design cars that conquer everything! Send it to us with the hashtags

#Rough terrain

– What we are looking for: Cars to take you the distance through any condition!
– Reference of cars: Look up Monster Rallies, Dirt Races, etc.

Who can participate?

  • Any individual/organisation with a flair for designing cars.

How to enter?

– Read our Terms & Conditions and Register !

We will write to you after your registration is accepted, with the registration number and the submission details.
The submission will be with the following :

1) 3/4th front and rear views of your design in color and wire-framed. You can check the examples here for FrontQ and RearQ.
2) A to-scale blueprint depicting front, top, side and rear views. Here is an example.
3) Any 3d model renders / photographs / drawings you may have.
4) Aside from depicting shape, your designs must depict color options and specific materials to be used.
5) Ideally all vehicles are covered, with doors.
6) 3D version of your model in 3DStudio or FBX format.

Competition Start and End dates:

Competition starts on : 1st October 2017*

Competition entry closes on: 20th January 2018*

(*End of Business day PST USA Time)

What is the winning criteria?

For our esteemed Judges to select you as a winner, your vehicles must showcase :

  • Relevance to the theme.
  • Concept originality.
  • Design value and quality.
  • Developmental potential.
  • Design displayability.
  • Crispness of 3d model

This challenge is governed by the Terms & Conditions mentioned here.